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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mavado fined in Barbados

Lawd have Mercy ...awah gwaan?????

Hi People,

Wah kinda foolishness gwaan ....dis yah business need a clean up bwoy.....!! read this

One876Entertainment understands that Jamaican dancehall artiste Mavado admitted in the Bridgetown Traffic court on Monday that it was a member of his security team who threw the first punch that resulted in a brawl and stone-flinging fracas in Barbados over the weekend.

The resulting brawl left two members of the security team, Michael Kevin Marsh 34, and David Joseph Hunter injured. Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks, and his cousin, Sammer Coombs, 22, an entertainer were not injured.

Seven people were charged in connection with the incident that stemmed from what was a promise to do dub plates.

According to the website, all four Jamaicans, admitted they used unlawful violence and their conduct was such as would cause others present to fear for their personal safety. Coombs admitted assaulting Jimal Edwards, causing actual bodily harm.

They were reprimanded and discharged and ordered to pay $500 costs to the court immediately. In addition, Coombs was ordered to pay $200 compensation to Edwards immediately. The monies were paid.

"Was all of this necessary?" asked Magistrate Christopher Birch. "All of this over music? I thought music was supposed to unite people. Mavado explained he was in Barbados to promote himself and his music, said he was driving through Bridgetown when some "crazy people" surrounded the vehicle.

Someone asked him for a dub plate and he said yes, all the while signing autographs.

"But we didn't really have an agreement or we really didn't talk no price," he said. Prosecutor Sergeant Glenda Carter said arrangements were made for local group Super Sounds to buy a dub plate for $1800. “When the local artistes went to collect, an argument ensued in which Coombs struck Edwards in the face. A fight followed, in which stones and other objects were thrown causing guests to scamper,” the prosecutor’s statements read.

The fracas at the hotel reportedly started when Mavado's cousin, Coombs complained he was attacked by some "yutes". When Movado went to see them, they rushed him "so my cousin run in front me and him chuck him off and that is what caused the whole commotion". The magistrate made references to the simmering feud between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer in Jamaica, and its implications for dancehall music and society.

"I have watched with interest and alarm the situation in Jamaican music. It wasn't long ago Bennie Man and Bounty Killa could not walk the streets without bullets flying," the magistrate said. "I would not want the Brotherhood in the region to descend to this again."

Michael Lashley, who represented the four, pleaded for anything other than a prison conviction. "I ask that you impose a fine or you can give them a very strong warning," he said. Calling the incident unfortunate, Lashley said Mavado, who had shows on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, had missed his flight out of the island as a result. Three other Bajans were released on bail and are set to return to court October 29 with Mavado.

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