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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Macka Diamond & Maurice are they an item????

Can Maurice afford Macka Diamond????


People I am not into the mix up ting but mi seh mi phone ring off the hook dis morning when people are trying to inquire if one of Dancehall's newest sensation Maurice and mis moneoooo$$$$ Macka Diamond are an item....... Bwoy people can chat eeeh........ I was told they were seen at Asylum Night Club... now Macka Diamond a throw kiss pan Maurice a Passa Passa dis morning and a selector said 'Maurice a you an Macka deh now"....... People dis is not a suss ... is what is being said in the streets.....

But si yah ...who di hell is dis Maurice .... he is the one wid the song Sex Anna Ball ( Annoda Hot Wuk) and Jump and Split a mash up the Dancehall right yah now........ Den Mis Macka Diamond a gwaan good wid har Hoolla Hoop song internationally....... lets see if this is true or people jus a chat up dem mouth.....

Can Maurice afford to maintain Misss Moneooooo????????

Can Miss Moneooo handle Maurice's sexy healthy body????.... Macka if this is true I envy you!!!!!

Suh people call me wid more celebrityvibes..


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WHOIII MISSA M watch the hype!!

Don't forget yuh "THOSEY M" or else !!!

Sell off!!