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Monday, June 4, 2007

EEK A Mouse on Tour


People yuh si how people lie an tan bad sey how EEK A Mouse get deport and cant go back to the USA... well im pan tour in the USA dis yah month....

Jr Gong mek im make nuff money pan him last album..... Suh left im.... EEK A MOuse abig international artiste....

Look pan di picha im look like a pimp.... Yuh si dem yah artiste yah a Jamaica nuh know how fi dress... he is hotttttttttt inna di haringe

EEK A Mouse body a lock the place....WOW WOW.....

Check out EEK-A-Mouse Mobile whe im have a farin.... Only a super star would drive a car like this... it is called the EEK A Mouse Mobile... it bad... it mad

Bless up

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yow a van alock di city but mi wouldnt drive it.... big up di mouse