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Friday, May 18, 2007

'Shebada' on the 'borderline' of marriage

Yow people... mi shock when mi go fassssssssss an read pan si sey the new acting sensation SHEBADA ago get married mi di haffi share it wid yuh...... si why people nuh fi judge people because they are just playing a role... Movie Star yuh large!!!!! Bashment Granny unnuh play a selll affff like stage show...... Yuh know what I like about di marketing about the play BASHMENT GRANNY .. it was promoted like a stage show.... yow dem team hav eit locked... big up everytime....

You might see take stuff from dem get some of the passsss first suh ..... Big up one876entertainment....

The theatre world is buzzing with wedding talk this week as got the inside scoop of the planned nuptials of Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay, who worked his way to stardom this year in the gender-bending role of ‘Shebada’ in the smash hit roots comedy ‘Bashment Granny’.

The girl is a 19 year-old sweetheart called Keisha Shaw.“Yes, I am in love with her, we have been dating for eight months, and I proposed to her last month and she said yes,” he told actor did not disclose when he would officially tie the knot, but said that he was looking forward to making her his wife. Ramsay and the cast of ‘Bashment Granny’ will be leaving for London, England next Friday for a two week run in the theatre in that country. He will return to Jamaica for a limited run of shows that will end on June 10th. He will be the lead actor in a play created for his larger than life character, Shebada in a roots production called ‘Shebada Comes to Town’.

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