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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gun Violence, not chatting violence - cancels Beenie Man show in UK


I got this hot info bout Beenie man pan tour from di violence ting... Yow star a wah gwann....

Gun violence or the alleged threat of it, forced police in South London to put the brakes on a scheduled Beenie Man gig slated to take place on Mothers Day 2007. The club Coronet in Elephant & Castle was the scene of a bloody gun assault on the previous weekend and police said their intelligence indicated a repeat shoot out was being planned.

Club Coronet's close to fatal 'Black Music Night' that took place a week before on May 5th was a repeat of the same Black Music themed night, held the previous month. Simon Parks, club owner is reported by icSouthLondon as saying there were no problems at Black Music Night a month ago - he surely did not expect the mayhem of May 5th.

One man is still in hospital with serious stomach wounds as he is one of three people injured during the shootout that took place despite what is reported as adequate security at the club. Speculations as to how a gun got through the tight security, with metal detectors and searches, are being tossed around, while police and the club's owner look for answers.

In an effort to prevent future incidents, police in Southwark have said there will be a review of the Club Coronet's licence. Parks reportedly expected a review of his licensing conditions following the shooting, but could not have expected Beenie Man's show cancellation.

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