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Friday, May 11, 2007

Guess who is Spice's Baby Daddy?????

DJ Spice Bares It All!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bwoy yuh si how people mix up... mi fren Spice and a try tag baby daddy pan har... now she tells her story yesterday in the Jamaica Star..... She a tuggy tuggy car deala... hey heyyyyyyyy Spice yuh buss yah my girl...gwaan work an nuh mek nuh badmind people stop yuh..... BIG UP SPICE!!!!!! Afta yuh have di baby mi nuh sey yuha go hottttt like ten fyah side... yeah...roll out Spice Roll Out...Talk di tings dem girl.... yeah....Di Jamaican people love yuh....

Read yah suh

"I been searchin it's been so hard to find
Good lovin and some peace of mind
I want a man weh have di golden touch

A man weh mek di rude gal blush, and such
A rudeboy fi send chill down my spine

Di soft man dem a big waste of time
Rudeboy love, bad gal nuh waan nuh hands and glove

A weh yuh hear bout?"

- Rudeboy Love, Spice featuring Pinchers.

The search is off! Spice has met the love of her life - her 'tuggy tuggy' as she puts it and says he isn't who most people would expect.


When news broke that she was pregnant, there were many speculations about who the child's father was. Some even went as far as to zoom in on fellow artiste, Beenie Man, because of Spice's previous accusation that he was at one point interested in her, but she turned him down.

Spice, up until now, has refused to talk about her mystery man and her pregnancy. In an exclusive interview with THE STAR, Spice tells all.

"My chief concern is that everyone is trying to give me a baby father and I don't know the reason why. Me a one female artiste wha no other artiste or no one in the industry nuh know how me stay under mi dress, so why is everyone calling names on my pregnancy trying to find out who is the father?" she said.

"Even though I'm a public figure, I still have a private life and I always want to keep that part of my life private. However, due to comments and assumptions of who the father of my unborn child is, I'm now forced to come out and let the public hear what they want to hear. So lap uno frock tail and cock uno ears and listen mek me talk."

Wondering, pondering
Spice continued: "Yes I'm pregnant, fi all who a wonder and still a ponder. Yes, the father is half-Indian; yes, a somebody man mi tek whe; so what? If di roost did clean, di cock wouldn't stray and a di better h...e tell. Mi have di right o, tight o. Ah nuh good mi good, a great mi great."

"...No, a nuh nobody inna di business. No, a nuh Beenie Man; is just a gangster youth from inna di ghetto. A my likkle tuggy tuggy wha mi did a search fi find. See wha uno wha hear yah: him name Nicholas Orlando Lall, aka Canar, he is a car dealer, so I don't have to support him financially. He and I are young people in the streets that you'd call hustlers," said Spice emphatically.

Nicholas, 28, and Spice, whose correct name is Grace Hamilton, grew up in the Old Braeton community, St. Catherine, but they never exchanged more than a few words over the years. But as fate would have it, after dancing circles around each other, he finally worked up the nerve to tell her how he felt.

"We grew up passing each other everyday without knowing, 'there goes the future'...He tells me how much he used to lust at me in the TV and when I would drive past him in the lane with his family, so it's like a little love story," she laughed.

Spice says his humility among other things attracted her to him, though she had always promised herself she would never date a man with a child - Nicholas has a 3 year old daughter from a previous relationship, who Spice refers to as her 'little pumpkin'.

"First of all, everybody expected me to be involved with a popular person, rich, someone out there and hanging. But I always tell them, I am not that kind of person. I love youth from the garrison. I love humble youth. Mi nuh like nobody boasty or hype and out there and this is what attracted me to him. When he approached me, he never expected the relationship to go anywhere because he's just a thug and I'm a public figure."

"...But little did he know that these are the kind of guys that I like: cool, down to earth, easy going and simple. All I want in a relationship is someone who can make me happy and when I got to know him, I saw what I wanted. He predicted that I resembled his son's mother way before I even got pregnant and I was like 'what are you talking about?' He was like, 'yeah man, you look like you will be my son's mother.'"

Spice, 25, says she wants her fans to continue to support her as she embraces motherhood.

"I just want all my fans to know right now I'm in a life and death situation, so just pray for me and I need your support now more than ever. Don't forget to scorn dem! A wha dem hear bout?"

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