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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bounty Killa & Movado rolled for Bling Dawg Video Shoot

Eeeh Bounty & Movado wah dem a deal wid?????


Mi sey if yuh falla some media yuh would hate some artiste and think bad tings bout dem..... Mi read someting in a local Jamaican newspaper bout sey Bounty Killa & Movado in a some ALLIANCE SPLIT..... a wah dema try pull afff star..

Mi did a chat to the both of them last night at Escape Night Club. Movado and Bounty Killa bout how far dem a come from.. Movado sey a from school days wen im (Movado) an im brederen dem go check Bounty Killa a Uppercut Barbers uptown.... Mi NUH know how di split ting come inna di Alliance ting right yah now.... loooew di artiste dem.. mi vex star..... Mi hear wid mi own two ears when Movado sey GANGSTER ALWAYS REMAIN LOYAL.....

Yuh si talking to them was a great feeling ...see the bredrenship between dem...suh mi nuh weh some badminded people a chat bout.... Yuh See Tesah Linton, KC Jockey's Manager a tek picha wid Bounty Killa.. she deh a endorse up di ting si mi

Some people jus badmine and love chat bad tings bout artiste... why dem nuh gweey...

A pure hot girls deh a video shoot... Bling Dawg look sharp like a razor.. yow mi yout the tune gwaaaaaaaaan..... Bling Dawg mi love how yuh a gwaan.... Keep working hard... Mi guh fasss a yuh barber HAAAAAAAAAATTTT.... Yeah man nuh artiste fi falla inna yuh foot step... Bling Dawg...Di Black Suit a lock di city....

Big up Stampede yuh link up di Killa

Bless up

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