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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vybz Kartel & Rolexxx at war



People can you believe after the Beenie Man & Bounty& Aliance war seed just dead...another war seed spring up AGAIN....... Now it is Rolexx & Vybz Kartel are at odds..... Some people seh Vybz Kartel wet up Rolexx with Hennessy at the popular Prendy spot on the Hellshire Beach in Portmore... All some bad man pop off Rolexx tings and bare tings...

Let me tell you who Rolexx just in case you were wondering..... Rolexxx is one of the selectas from Bembe Bembe Thursdays....

Artistes you need selectas and selectas you need artistes..... without each other no music will be played in the dancehall, radio airwaves and clubs and dem ting deh......
This is just my point of view I hope you will agreee with me... si mi

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