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Friday, April 13, 2007

Jamaica's hottest dancers John Hype & Ding Gong are friends again


This one is HOTTT!!!!

I was at Passa Passa on Thursday morning when Maestro a selector from Swatch International spoke to the all the dancers who have just gotten popular and getting shows plus travelling overseas (Cut out the hype) to live in love and stop fighting against each other. "The dancer wey nuh bad mine go hail John Hype, Unuh mus dance when di music a play and not to fi unuh song wey unuh name a call inna alone". To my surprise Ding Dong left with his entourage the Ravers Clavers and hailed John Hype. THAT WAS SHOCKING!!!!

Minutes later John Hype took the microphone from Maestro and said "Is true mi nuh love chat a last week Ding Dong come link mi a mi yard. A dance mi dance anuh chat mi chat". Then Dancehall Queen Stacey endorsed his statement "John Hype a long time mi yuh Ding Dong inna dis".

Wow music unites celebrities in the dancehall again.
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