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Friday, April 20, 2007

Cable and Wireless pressured to drop Bounty Killer

I was surfing the net and read on that Jamaica's phone company Cable & Wireless drops Bounty Killer....... before Courts drop Beenie Man den Mother's Patties drops Kiprich...a who next....... bad behavia man... lawd have mercy.....

The public backlash of Bounty Killer’s ‘big-up’ of the Stone Crusher Gang has grown to a steady rumble, triggering an avalanche of criticism in the society. That avalanche may be burying deejay Bounty Killer as word on the street is that telecommunications giant Cable and Wireless is considering dropping Bounty from its bMobile ad campaign.Efforts to get a comment from the Killer or his management team were unsuccessful.“I cannot comment on such a matter over the phone,” a high-ranking Cable and Wireless Jamaica executive told Taylor, a member of the corporate affairs team of C & W Jamaica, was also unavailable for comment.
In his column last week, writer Leighton Levy, a brilliant columnist for the STAR newspaper known for his sharp wit and diabolical sense of humour, wrote a stirring column that spoke about the deterioration of values in Jamaica and our phenomenally frightening culture of violence.“What I am surprised about is that bMobile has not dropped him and his gunman hailing lyrics like a bad habit, I wonder what they’re waiting for.”In fact, he continued, we should all drop him: stop buying his CDs and stop attending his shows.“Maybe then he will get the message that more than enough blood has been spilled and more than enough people are grieving the loss of loved ones slain by the Stone Crusher Gang,” the column said.
If Bounty is indeed dropped by C & W, it will not be the first time that bad-behaving deejays have lost lucrative sponsorship deals. A few years ago, local fast food franchise Mothers decided to discontinue its advertising campaign featuring local deejay Kip Rich in the wake of the public backlash following reports of the deejay's obscenity-filled onstage performance at Sumfest 2001 that assailed the character of the Prime Minister.

At the time, the fast food franchise pulled radio and television commercials in an effort to distance the company's 'corporate image' from the backlash following the deejay's statements."It will cost us a tidy sum but I made the decision to pull the ads because the Mothers franchise cannot be associated with obscene behaviour, and vulgarity," a Mothers executive told a Gleaner reporter at the time.Ace deejay Beenie Man's contract with Courts Ja. Ltd. was also discontinued a few years ago after the deejay's involvement in a controversial night at Sumfest.

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