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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bounty Killa & Movado Endoses DUTTY FRIDAZE


Oh boy I had to visit the blazing DUTTY Fridaze again. When I arrived it was about 5am and the streets were packed to capacity. The music selection was the best I heard in a longtime.

Approximately 6am I realized all eyes where turned to one direction when I saw a long dark figure inspected the crowd... it was the Warload aka Bounty Killa. CD Master the selector acknowledge his presence and the crowd cheered at all the Bounty Killers songs that were played.

Within the hour top sound system selector Fire Lynx had the crowd eating out of his hands as he encouraged the audience to not to dabble in homosexual activities and the girls to keep their heads high and not to depend on men for everything.

Foota Hype an Alliance selector continued on the same trend but played all his group members songs and giving praises to the gangsters from the ghetto. He was commended for introducing a new female singer to the dancehall Ishawna who sang two songs that impressed the audience. Moments later CD Master was at the controls again when the crowd rush up one of the streets to meet the man of the moment Movado . The ladies tried to pull him apart but his entourage secured him with a human barricade. Movado took the microphone and had the crowd in a frenzy singing hits after hits and the Killer just endorsed DUTTY FRIDAZE with his hot gangster single 'Bullet Bullet'.

DUTTY FRIDAZESell Offfff again.
See you next time

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